"We have chartered under dispensation Circle Lodge U.D. in Madison County."
-Report of Grand Secretary to Grand Lodge for 1990

"Twenty-one Master Masons who were members of ten different Lodges having received the approval of the two nearest Lodges, (North Jackson #620 and Museum Lodge #636), petitioned our Grand Master for dispensation to work as Circle Lodge U. D. until this Grand Communication. 

A Dispensation was issued after all fees were paid. According to our laws, this dispensation is now null and void at this Grand Communication, and these Brethren now petition for a Charter for Circle Lodge #638.

All books are in order, bank accounts have been established, both checking and building fund, a promise of two acres of land adjacent to the city limits of Madison, Miss., on a 4-lane parkway, now under construction, will be given to the Lodge for a building site; said Parkway should be completed in the spring of 1992, and the brethren hope to be in a new building about the same time.

At the present time, these Brethren are meeting in the Hall on North Jackson Lodge #620. They have accepted furniture, jewels and other items from Tchula Lodge #122 which is surrendering its Charter.

These Brethren are in full possession of the adopted work of this Grand Lodge as Brother Alva Hill (Red) Rutledge is the Worshipful Master. We also feel that Circle is an appropriate name for a Lodge, it being an emblem used by Masonry, for by it we test our Square. Most Worshipful Grand Master, we move that a Charter be granted to Circle Lodge and the number 638 be assigned to the same.

 We also recommend that the incoming Grand Master deliver the Charter, Consecrate, Dedicate and Constitute them as a Just and Regular Lodge.
-Charter and Dispensations Report to 1991 Grand Lodge

            "On March 12, 1991, I and the other Grand Lodge Officers had the distinct privilege of presenting Circle Lodge No. 638, Jackson, Mississippi their new Charter. We also conducted the ceremonies of Consecration, Dedication and Constituting the new Lodge. It was my privilege to install the new officers."
-Report of Grand Master to 1992 Grand Lodge